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Within Reach: Discover Martin $ky

What is it about Chicago and Hip-Hop? The Windy City tends to continuously foster some of the dopest rappers in the game. Some examples: Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Common and say what you want, but no one has ever mastered the fast, double-time flow like Chicago's own Twista. There is also something about the diversity in artists that this city breeds. How can the same area code churn out dudes like Chief Keef, King Louie and Rockie Fresh all at the same time? It's quite intriguing really. However today, we would like to bring you yet another Chicago son who is destined to make a big splash in the game. His name is Martin $ky and he's both a producer and rapper with endless potential. His most recent EP is titled Everywhere But Here, and it's a gem of a listen. The beats are dark, sparse and perfect for sheisty nocturnal activities. The cadence and lyrics are up to par as well. He's only 20 and the years ahead for him should be a whirlwind of positive activity. See our profile below: 

"My music is in its own lane. Feel good/rage music" 

How did you first get into Hip-Hop and who were your first Hip-Hop heroes?

MF DOOM, Kanye West definitely, and then I found out about Cudi and fucked with his music ever since. Those were the people who first inspired me.


Where does Martin $ky fit into the Chicago rap scene among new cats like  Lil Bibby, King Louie, Rockie Fresh, Chance the Rapper, G.Herbo etc?

I don't think I can determine that myself. I feel like that’s for the people to determine.  


What do you think it is about Chicago that produces so many dope artists with so many different vibes?

I feel like it's just the diversity of people that hang out. Everyone has a different taste as far as music, but they always have a common interest in a certain artist. 


What's the plan for 2015 - You just dropped the dope Everywhere But Here EP - is there a LP coming or are you going on tour soon? 

It all depends on how the year pans out. I could do it a few different ways so I'm gonna just work on new shit and see how I'll wanna throw it out and all that.


How would you describe your own music - and what vibe/message are you trying to deliver with your  music? 

My music is in its own lane. Feel good/rage music. At the same time, you can kickback and chill to my music, or you can go crazy with it.


You also make your own beats - did you get any production mentoring or did you just teach yourself how to make beats? 

I taught myself basically. I learned the program and figure out how to translate what I would feel in my head to the computer and the rest is history.


Who are some other rappers of your generation that you are really feeling right now? 

My goal is to make a song with everyone in my generation that I fuck with. So I'd rather show you that way.


Do you think you will ever produce beats for other artists  - or at this point, is it strictly in-house for you and your team? 

I don't really have a team, and I'm producing tracks for some folks right now. I got shit in the works with some homies. Me and Saba are about to work on some shit, Me and Lucki about to get on some shit, Me and [Young] Chop too. I'm also trying to get some placements with some artists in the industry too. I feel like I have my style to where I'm comfortable but can still grow at the same time.


Let's switch to fashion - how would you describe your personal style and what are your favorite fashion brands of the movement? 

I'm really minimal when it comes to what I wear. I like Stussy so I have lots of that. I like to wear blank shit though. I'm not too into wearing brands on my chest unless I really fuck with it.


What do you think is the most f**ked up thing about the rap game right now? 

The industry, but who gives a fuck. The politics of it is kinda fucked too. 


You’re 20 now, where do you see yourself five years from now?

I honestly can't tell you where I think I'll be. I'll be eating and living. That's for sure.


Lastly, can you tell all our readers where they can keep up with you and follow the Martin $ky movement?

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