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Vince Staples Is Poised And Ready

There are few elite spitters in the game running circles around your typical Trap and Mumble rappers. Vince Staples is one of them. The young Long Beach representative and erstwhile Odd Future affiliate is poised to have his name etched in the hallways of rap greatness. His 2015 album Summertime garnered all kinds of accolades for his intelligence and lyrical wordplay. He's also been a media darling for several popular publications, because let's face it, he's smarter and more marketable than most of his wave-jacking peers. 

His new album - The Big Fish Theory - drops on June 23rd, and he just dropped an abstract video for it. The visuals definitely play into the aquatic theme hinted to in the album's title. Check it out below: 

Will you be checking out the new Vince Staple album when it drops?

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