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Patagonia Launches the Re\\\collection Capsule

There are a handful of important brands to consider when you talk about sustainable, environmentally-conscious outdoor brands, However one of the pioneers in the field has to be Patagonia. They continue to push the envelope with every passing year, and their new re\\\collection capsule is proof of their strong brand philosophy. 

The new capsule from Patagonia puts the concepts of recycling and repurposing front and center. Each style in the new re\\\collection capsule is made from recycled materials including 100% recycled down, 100% recycled wool and 100% recycled polyester with 85% recycled polyester labels, 80% recycled zippers and 50% recycled buttons. Imagine what would happen if all of us maintained a light carbon footprint and recycled everything we used. That would definitely mean a new vision for the human race all together. See some of the styles below:

If you're looking to stay warn and be responsible about Mother Earth, this is a collection you need to check out. Shop it here.


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