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More Pep For Your Step: NUTRIPUNCTURE

All health-conscious individuals already know this; the world of wellness & dietary supplements is a crowded and entangled maze. Honestly, every trip I make to the pharmacy, I notice another new supplement on display that’s supposedly “#1 Doctor Recommended,” claiming to be the next solution to all my health needs.  It’s gotten to the point where I just stick to the stuff I know works: fish oil supplements, apple cider vinegar and some Echinacea & vitamin C tablets to keep my immune system steadily chugging along. 

 "These Nutris target specific meridian points in your body in the same way that traditional Asian medicines worked ..."

With that said, it was with a lot of inherent doubt that I decided to try Nutripuncture, a brand of supplements rooted in holistic healing. The friend who offered it to me simply said, “Try it for a day or two, and see whether it doesn’t make you feel more energized or relaxed – if it doesn’t work, stop taking it.”

So I took on the challenge, but before I tried it, I did a little reading up to make sure I had a better idea of what I would be ingesting. The concept of Nutripuncture is based on mineral blends (called Nutris) that come in the form of chewable supplements. These mineral blends go to work quickly in your body and enable your body’s cells to communicate better with each other. These Nutris target specific meridian points in your body in the same way that traditional Asian medicines worked. I’ve always been one to fully trust the ancient wisdom of the sages, so that information was the final convincing I needed.

My Nutripuncture experience started 3 weeks ago, and I have to report that it has worked for me. The specific Nutris I tried were promising me boosted energy and relaxation – things that I definitely needed more of in my daily routine.  About 3 days into my experiment, I noticed a decrease in my natural anxiety and unsettled nerves – I also experienced an increased feeling of general wellness. Energy-wise, I can’t say that Nutripuncture has given me the vim and verve to bust through concrete walls (perhaps that will come with continued use), but the marked calmness I’m feeling is definitely awesome.

My parting words to anyone with a stressful job or lifestyle is this: head over to their website and read up on what these holistic supplements can do for you. Apparently Nutripuncture has been proven to treat health conditions like endometriosis, PTSD, sleep apnea and psoriasis. Take it from a skeptical editor who now calls himself a convert – this stuff works!

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